#Ubuntu Mate remote desktop

Order VPS, choose Ubuntu Mate 15.04 template, install free X2Go agent in Your computer for better video performance and Your full featured Linux remote desktop is ready for action!


Ready to Use software
LibreOffice Sribus Firefox Gimp Filezilla GnuCash Pidgin Skype Dropbox

Need something else? No problem! Just install it.


#WebPanel, MySQL, phpMyAdmin


CentOS Web Panel!

Server with preinstalled CentOS Web Panel comes with lots of features and free services and of course with full LAMP (apache, php, phpmyadmin, webmail, mailserver ...).

What is installed and configured:
- Apache Web Server (Mod Security OWASP rules optional. Improves up to 15% on Apache performances, Varnish Cache server - improves server performances by 3x, ...)
- PHP 5.4 (suPHP, SuExec PHP version switcher per user or per folder)
- MySQL phpMyAdmin
- Postfix Dovecot Roundcube webmail (Antivirus, Spamassassin optional)
- File System Lock (no more website hacking, all your files are locked from changes)
- Backups (optional)
- AutoFixer for server configuration (checks important configuration and tries to auto-fix issues)
- Setups Server for Web Hosting (websites like WordPress, ...)
- User Management (monitoring, limit management, ...)
- System Management (hardware information, software info, services automatic restart and email notifications, ...)
- Security (CSF Firewall - Best Linux  Firewall, SSL generator, SSL Certificate Manager, ...)
- Softaculous - Script Installer (Free and Premium)